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Hypnotherapy in cirencester

Thank you so much Jan!

"I have suffered from fear of flying for years. It has ruined my ability to look forward to holidays and I have had a full scale panic attack on one memorable occasion on a flight home.


Jan has been amazing, she has the knack of putting you at ease, she explains the process thoroughly and you know she cares and wants to help. We had a few sessions, one of which was via Skype and although at times I felt a little anxious I always felt in control.


This year, as always I packed my tablets but as I climbed the steps to the plane ( to the Benny Hill theme tune!)  I realised that I was not shaking or nauseous and did not need them! I actually looked out of the window during take off and landing - a huge first!


Thank you so much Jan!"




Hypnotherapy in Cirencester and Fairford


"I have recently experienced major life changes causing anxiety, increased stress, sleeping problems and depression.  My sessions with Jan have been so helpful and I am now sleeping better and seeing the more positive side of life.  Jan’s calm and relaxed presence is so reassuring.  We have tried some sessions via Skype, I was unsure about these to start but have found them to be no different to being in the same room.  


I cannot recommend Jan highly enough, my thanks to her."




My sessions with Jan have been so helpful...

I cannot repay you for what you have given back to me…

"Over the last 7-8 years I now realise I have been surviving on adrenalin to be happy, do my work, manage my friends and family and feel positive. Adrenalin unfortunately is not unlimited and as a result I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression on 3 occasions. The latter occasion was the worst and I honestly could not see a way out – prior to meeting Jan I have been able to clamber my way back to being ‘OK’ and pretending that all is well before falling again into panic and the irrational beliefs that anxiety and depression bring to your life.


In 2015 I fell lower and harder than I have ever fallen – from a positive, friendly, lively individual who was going places in her career, I turned into a frightened mouse of a human being scared to look at my own reflection and feeling that I had ruined my career and all my friendships. I tried every type of therapy but could not stop my brain from spinning. I am lucky that I have such a lovely group of friends and such supportive family that I never tried anything seriously stupid – I thought about it lots but the gilt I already felt regarding letting family, friends and colleagues down was already too much without adding to it!


After 6 months or more of fighting to keep my career and re-build my life I was given Jan’s contact as a person to try. She was highly recommended and so I sent a desperate e-mail to her. From the first contact back I felt that unlike others she was not judgemental, she did not treat me like there was something massively wrong with me and she just made me feel at ease. When I met her she understood exactly how I was feeling and that in itself was just lovely. From a list of requirements from work and people trying to help (which really didn’t help) to having someone who wanted to help me, understanding my capacity to barely breath at that point was just so lovely.


Jan explained how hypnotherapy works and the science behind it. She provided me her 30 minute hypnotherapy download which I listened to religiously every night, I saw her for 4 sessions and I am a new person.


I could not tell you exactly why or how it worked, however I no longer panic, I live for today, I am a better friend, sister, daughter and colleague and all because I have been able to stop my brain from spinning out of control. If I was ever asked to recommend ANY type of therapy or stress management I would not even have to think about recommending Jan Killingback.


Jan, you are a beautiful person inside and out, I am so lucky to have found you. Thank you!"