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Jan killingback hypnotherpay, cirencester. Frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and the benefits

Will I "lose control"?

Absolutely not. You will be conscious, able to talk, move, scratch your nose, and sit up. You will feel relaxed and calm, the whole experience should be an enjoyable one. It is nothing like stage hypnosis, you will be awake and aware at all times.


What is "trance"?

Trance is a natural state which we all enter several times a day, but we may refer to it as daydreaming. It can happen when reading a book, watching TV, or driving a car along a well known route. It isn't sleep, but more a state of altered awareness.


What should I expect at an appointment?

No hypnotherapy takes place at the very first appointment, it's more of a chance for you to tell me what has brought you here, what you would like to get from the therapy and to ask any questions. I will work with you to see how I can help you. I will take a brief history from you, explain how the therapy works in relation to your problem and give an idea of how many sessions we may need.


You will take away a relaxation CD or I will send you an MP3 download, which I would like you to listen to every evening and will as well as the sessions help you on your positive journey.


If you are coming for smoking cessation there will be just one session only with no inital appointment..


Follow up consultation

We discuss what has been happening in your life since we met and how you are getting on with the CD. We focus on positive aspects and encourage you to make small changes which will make your life happier, then for the second half of the session you relax and we do the hypnotherapy.


How soon can I expect results?

This depends on several things. Sometimes very soon, sometimes more subtle shifts over a few weeks. It will vary according to your problems, past history and degree of engagement in the therapeutic process. You do not necessarily have to believe that change will happen, but you do have to WANT it to.


What do you charge per session?

Your initial consultation is £75 and each Hypnotherapy session of 50-60 minutes will be charged at a rate of £75. Smoking cessation is a one-off charge of £160 for 90-120 minutes, no initial consultation is required. Charges payable by cash, cheque or debit/credit card on the day of therapy. Some concessionary places are available, please ask.

Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation, or charges may apply..

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