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Confession Time!

By Jan, Feb 2 2017 09:21PM

Ok, it's confession time! I am a VERY messy person. Much as I detest clutter, it seems to stalk me, piles of papers appear magically on every clear surface, "stuff" clogs up empty tables, stacks of clothes that don't have a home to go to....you get the chaotic picture? I hate it!

Every so often, usually preceding a visit from the in laws, a blitz occurs. Hours of frantic tidying, sorting and cleaning, then order prevails. And I love it!

I find that cluttered living equates to cluttered thinking. It is so much less stressful to live in a calm, tidy, even minimalist environment. So with this in mind, I took on board the suggestion of a friend ( thanks Lesley), and I've been reading about the Marie Kondo method (konmari.com). Her method differs from many other declutter gurus in that she suggests tackling all clothes in one go rather than room by room. Whilst I don't embrace all her recommendations, i.e. thanking your clothing for its service, the method itself and modes of storage make a lot of sense.

Every item is handled, and if it doesn't "spark joy" or bring you pleasure or make you feel good when you wear it....out it goes. What is kept is stored, mainly in drawers, folded so all clothes are visible. No more rummaging through a hundred tops, everything is there!

It's actually a very therapeutic process, and I've spent a few happy hours getting started. Watch this (uncluttered) space!