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By Jan, Mar 2 2018 11:42AM


Ok, so hands up those who would like to be getting more sleep?

I'm guessing that's most of us? It's that time of year where it's cold, dark and a bit gloomy and we really should be sleeping brilliantly for 7-9 hours per night, which is what the experts say we need. But for some reason, we're not.

Either late nights at the blue screen, ipad, TV are keeping our melatonin levels high and we can't switch off.

Or that middle of the night wake up call, where every mistake, misunderstanding or misery of the past 30 years decides you need to devote some serious thinking time to rehashing it ....again!

And then, in the morning, that hung over, haven't slept a wink feeling and it seems impossible to make any decision, everyone is irritating and there are ONLY bad drivers on the road.......sound familiar?

Sleep expert (Matthew Walker- Why We Sleep) reminds us that even one night of poor sleep impacts on our immune systems and the WHO is now classifying night time shift work as a probable carcinogen.

Why we sleep has only relatively recently been discovered, that is, the purpose behind us needing sleep and what sleep achieves. During various sleep types we will be filing information acquired during the day, sifting out what we don’t need and then during other phases we allow our mind to make odd/ different connections, thus being creative and innovative and enabling us to problem solve-hence the term “to sleep on it”.

If you would like some help getting to sleep or staying asleep, message me your email address via the website jankillingback.co.uk. and I’ll send you my relaxation MP3.

By Jan, Feb 2 2017 09:21PM

Ok, it's confession time! I am a VERY messy person. Much as I detest clutter, it seems to stalk me, piles of papers appear magically on every clear surface, "stuff" clogs up empty tables, stacks of clothes that don't have a home to go to....you get the chaotic picture? I hate it!

Every so often, usually preceding a visit from the in laws, a blitz occurs. Hours of frantic tidying, sorting and cleaning, then order prevails. And I love it!

I find that cluttered living equates to cluttered thinking. It is so much less stressful to live in a calm, tidy, even minimalist environment. So with this in mind, I took on board the suggestion of a friend ( thanks Lesley), and I've been reading about the Marie Kondo method (konmari.com). Her method differs from many other declutter gurus in that she suggests tackling all clothes in one go rather than room by room. Whilst I don't embrace all her recommendations, i.e. thanking your clothing for its service, the method itself and modes of storage make a lot of sense.

Every item is handled, and if it doesn't "spark joy" or bring you pleasure or make you feel good when you wear it....out it goes. What is kept is stored, mainly in drawers, folded so all clothes are visible. No more rummaging through a hundred tops, everything is there!

It's actually a very therapeutic process, and I've spent a few happy hours getting started. Watch this (uncluttered) space!

By Jan, Aug 17 2016 06:29PM

"Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless"

~ Mother Theresa

It's easy to lose sight, with today’s busyness - real and virtual - of who we really are; surrounded by technology, no respite from news and social media, which more often than not, won’t be good news.

Have we become angry mum, intolerant partner, unsupportive colleague?…..but before we start berating ourselves further, let’s take a moment to consider when was the last time we allowed ourselves some compassion?

Some of us were raised to believe that to look after ourselves is selfish and self indulgent, but we now know this absolutely not to be the case. Harsh criticism towards ourselves can leave us feeling low, demotivated, scared of failure. Self criticism can lead us into a downward spiral of negativity.

Whereas acts of kindness towards ourselves and others promotes releasing of ‘feel good’ hormones including serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and boosts our immune system. Our inner dialogue will be more positive, encouraging and accepting of who we are, and our humanity. We can actually train our brains to be kinder-repetition of kindness will forge new neural networks and increase the ease with which we practice being more kind, making it more of a habit.

What do you love to do? Did you used to do a class? Go to the gym? Is the reason you stopped still valid? Getting out there, into the countryside, the gym, the classes, doing stuff we love, nurturing ourselves, enables us to be more present and helpful to others. Ensuring adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise……of course our physical health is important too!

We know that in order to maintain good mental health we need positive interaction, positive activity and positive thoughts. If you need some help finding the ‘old’ you again, I can help.